Flare is a Canadian fashion magazine. It is published by Rogers Communications. Flare magazine was created by Maclean-Hunter publishing in 1979, as a rebranding of Miss Chatelaine magazine. Flare promotes itself as "Canada's Fashion magazine".In addition to runway and street fashion from Canada and abroad, the magazine covers music and entertainment, health and beauty, and feature stories relevant to young Canadian women.


“There’s clearly nothing weird about Hailz,” Wilson says in an email. “I guess the only thing weird about her is that she’s so accomplished at such a young age! She’s so young and yet so professional and mature.” Steinfeld has never gone into specifics about her grade-school tormentors, preferring to leave her personal drama in the past. “There’s that initial, Oh, I’m going to go back to that person, and I’m going to say something,” Steinfeld says. “I’ve learned the best idea is to do your thing.” This take-the-high-road attitude comes from a solid upbringing: her interior designer mom and personal trainer father have put their careers on hold to take turns travelling the world as her chaperones. (Steinfeld also has a 21-year-old brother, Griffin, who’s a NASCAR driver.)

Steinfeld began home-schooling after the success of True Grit, leaving school halfway through grade six. Though she had to begin the grade again, she raced through both the grade six and seven curricula before the end of that school year. Today, Steinfeld is thriving, even if there are times when she keenly feels the consequences of choosing an anything-but-normal life: “It is definitely hard, being on the other side of the world, knowing that you’re missing out.” For her 18th birthday, Juicy Couture Black Label threw her a party in L.A. that was hosted by The Coveteur; guests included her friends Sarah Hyland of Modern Family and Just Jared blogger Jared Eng. But Steinfeld spent her actual b-day in Tokyo—where she sat front row at the Esprit Dior Tokyo pre-fall show. “I was texting my friends: ‘Guys, I’m 18!’” she says. “The next day I woke up to all these messages saying happy birthday, and by that time, I was kind of over it.”