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Parade is an American nationwide Sunday newspaper magazine, distributed in more than 700 newspapers in the United States. It was founded in 1941 and is owned by Athlon Publishing, which purchased it from Advance Publications. The most widely read magazine in the U.S. The magazine has one main feature article, often a smaller feature article, and a number of regular columns. There is also a significant amount of advertising for consumer products, some with clipable coupons or tear-off business reply cards.


“My parents have always told me, ‘The day you stop loving what you do, you’re not in the right place.’” Hailee said. “As long as I’m loving it as much as I am now, I see myself doing this forever.” Hailee added.

On the morning she learned of her Oscar nomination:

“I was in bed and heard my parents cheering in the other room. I’m surprised my phone didn’t blow up from all the text messages.” Steinfeld admits she “tried every sport and never stuck with anything.” So when, at 8, she declared she was interested in acting, her mother insisted she take classes for a year first. “I was like, ‘All right, I’ll do this to show you.’

On the events she's been attending:

“I’m definitely going, ‘Oh my God’ left and right. I always get so starstruck. I met [The Social Network’s] Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, and Armie Hammer at a luncheon. Ahhh! That was a good day.”