Sabitha MacCauley is a character from Hateship, Loveship. She is portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld.

Hateship, Loveship

Sabitha is the granddaughter of Mr. MacCauley and the daughter of Ken. Johanna Parry is the caretaker of Sabitha. Sabitha's mother died several years ago. Sabitha's father doesn't live to Mr. MacCauley's House where Sabitha lives. After inviting Johanna and Sabitha to dinner, Ken, father of Sabitha writes a friendly note to Johanna, which his daughter delivers. Johanna writes a response letter and Sabitha's friend Edith offers to take it to the post office and mail it. Instead, she intercepts the letter and as a cruel joke, the two teenagers forge a love note from Ken, addressed to Johanna. Then they set up a fake email account for Ken (who does not have email). They impersonate him, responding to love emails from Johanna.