Untitled debut album is the first studio album of Hailee Steinfeld. There's no release date right now.


After the releasing of her debut EP, Haiz, Hailee confirmed that she is working on her debut album [1]. In a forum called #PopHatesFlops, it says that some of her EP songs will be appeared in her debut album. [2]. In Ultimate Music, Hailee and the song-writers of Haiz's songs will also write some of her debut album songs and it would be possibly Starving will be the lead single [3]. Hailee completed in Twitter that she done her first album.[4][5] "Most Girls" is set to be Hailee's next single, but is unknow if will be second or lead single from the album.

Rumoured Songs

Rumoured Writers

Justin Tranter - Drummin, First Time, Tears Dry Their Own
Julia Michaels - Drummin, First Time, One Night, Tears Dry Their Own, Why Can't I
Mattman & Robin - Drummin, First Time, Tears Dry Their Own
Hailee Steinfeld - Love Hurts, One Night, Slow Burn, Warrior, We Are One, Why Can't I
Combes Duddy - Warrior, We Are One
Ted Myers - Warrior, We Are One
Hayley Warner - Love Hurts
Jakob Hazell - Love Hurts
Svante Halldin - Love Hurts
Kristoffer Folgermark - One Night, Slow Burn, Why Can't I
Albin Nedler - One Night, Slow Burn, Why Can't I
Whitney Philips - Slow Burn
Rami Yacoub - Slow Burn


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